Transmission Repair in Morada

A vehicle’s transmission is a component that is most often overlooked. The reason for this is simple. While any Morada resident could tell you the primary function of your car’s tires, steering wheel or engine, the role of the transmission is slightly less well-known. However, that is not to suggest that it is in any way less important.

In essence your transmission is what allows your car to move. The transmission is responsible for connecting the power generated by the engine into the specific gear that you wish to drive in and making the wheels move. A good transmission will do this seamlessly while one that is in need of repair could cause you the world of problems!

Whether you are driving an automatic or manual vehicle you will need a fully-functioning transmission system to ensure that all the complex and varied components in your vehicle can work in harmony. At Bill Parks Auto Repair we have provided an award-winning transmission service to Morada drivers for years. Our advanced cutting-edge equipment is unrivalled and we our team of mechanics have the skill, experience and knowhow to solve any problem quickly. Transmission problems are a serious issue so they need a serious response. Don’t take risks with inferior garages. Call the team you can trust today and let us help you get back on the road.

Why is Transmission Fluid so Important?

The function of the transmission is relatively straightforward but the process behind it is anything but. A fully operational transmission system contains hundreds of different but interlinked components working in unison to produce a harmonious and effective vehicle component. Transmission fluid is the proverbial glue that ties all these different parts together and is an essential component of any effective transmission system.

The fluid located inside your vehicle’s transmission enable it to remain cool and lubricated at all times. This allows to transmission to exert force and pressure while also preventing any blockages or build-up. Changing the transmission fluid in your vehicle regularly will ensure that the fluid will remain clean and will allow it to run smoothly for longer. Old or dirty fluid can reduce the effectiveness of your transmission resulting in a loss of acceleration, difficulties shifting gears and in a worst-case scenario complete transmission failure. This is obviously something that no Morada driver wants to happen and realistically it will not, provided that the necessary steps are taken to maintain your vehicle regularly.

How Will I Know if the Transmission in my Vehicle has failed?

The answer to this question is very simple. If your vehicle’s transmission fails then the vehicle is practically useless as the transmission is responsible for changing the gears which provides the power that the vehicle needs to move power to the wheels. Without this you are going nowhere fast.

If your transmission has failed then you need to call Morada’s leading transmission repair garage today.