Collision Repair in Lodi

While we all like to think we are fully in control of every part of our life, the fact of the matter is that there are many things which we simply cannot control. When it comes to driving, it is almost impossible to know when a collision or crash will occur. In fact, it is often the shock and surprise of being involved in an accident rather than the impact of the collision itself that causes the most damage to Lodi motorists.

At Bill Parks Auto Repair we understand that a vehicle collision of any nature – no matter how big or small – has the potential to leave you feeling emotionally fragile as well as physically shaken. That is why it is important after such a traumatic event that you choose the garage that will best meet your collision repair needs in a stress-free and straightforward environment. At Bill Parks Auto Repair we do just that. Our award-winning garage has repaired thousands of Lodi cars that have been involved in all types of accidents. Our mechanics have decades of combined experience and know what it takes to repair every part of a collision damaged vehicle. Don’t take chances with inferior workmanship. Invest in the garage you can trust.

Three Precautions to Reduce the Likelihood of an Accident

Accidents happen every day in Lodi and while we all wish that it wasn’t the case, the sad reality is that it is. That being said, there are a number of precautions you can take to reduce the likelihood of experiencing an accident. Three points to remember include:

  1. Don’t park too close to another car: Whether you’re grocery shopping at the mall or trying to get as close as possible to the stadium for the big game, there is always a certain risk associated with parking too close to other cars. When reversing into a space, make sure to look behind you rather than relying on your rear-view mirror. In addition, try not to get too close to other parked cars. After all, just because you can fit into a tight space doesn’t mean you should. There will more than likely be other opportunities to park just a little further away, so stay patient and plan accordingly.
  2. Do not hydroplane: Hydroplaning happens when you drive too fast and brake in water. This is extremely dangerous as it results in the driver losing control of the vehicle. This can lead to accidents. If you see a water hazard ahead, it is best to reduce your speed by braking before entering the water and then taking your foot off the brake and the gas while in the water while maintaining tight control of the steering wheel.
  3. Be aware of wild animals: Just because you know the rules of the road doesn’t mean that a moose, raccoon or squirrel will. When driving in the countryside it is vitally important to be extra vigilant of wild animals.